B. 1990

Works and lives in Barcelona, Spain



Growing up within a family nucleus of artists, artistic self-expression was an intrinsic part of daily life from a young age and all my experiences were intertwined with creativity in the artistic incubator of my childhood.

I grew up viewing life as inseparable from art, which first drew me to the medium of photography for its immediacy and ability to capture the world in reflective form. My photographic work began to take on influences from the history of Pop Art and I then transitioned to paint. My current work as a painter allows me to articulate figurative forms in ways that are visually bold, yet create more nuanced narrative than photography. In swaths of primary color on canvas, I break images down to their most powerful, essential forms through an expressive use of shape and line that hint at story and movement. 

My subject matter is influenced by cinematographic pictures from the 50’s and 60’s, the research studies in multiculturalism and gender studies. I often explore femininity and masculinity by breaking down signifiers and characters representing traditional gender constructs. By purposefully not revealing too much through my minimalistic use of layers and shapes, my paintings create space for viewers to observe and reflect on these iconic symbols in a neutral space.